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Extrusion, Product Design, and Testing Capabilities for Fluidic Connections

Aug 17, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

when it comes to fluidic connections, precision is key

Our connections meet the highest level of quality and margin of safety

From expertise with extremely small tolerances, real-time monitoring of computer data, and statistical processes, we ensure our experts ensure our fluidic connections meet the highest level of quality and margin of safety, so you can have peace of mind when using our fluidic connections.

Our Proprietary Extrusion Process Ensures Tight Tolerances and Consistency

Precise Internal and Outside Diameters:

  • ODs: 360 µm to 9.5 mm
  • IDs: 25 µm to 6.4 mm

Variety of Materials Including:

  • PEEK
  • Radel® R
  • Ultem®
  • ETFE
  • Teflon®
  • FEP
  • Teflon PFA
  • Teflon AF

Extremely Small Tolerances:

  • We utilize a two-axis laser to ensure precision and dependability
  • ±25 µm typical ID/OD tolerances for 1.6 mm OD tubing
  • ±75 – 100 µm typical ID/OD tolerances for 3.2 mm OD tubing

Online Gauging with Real-Time Monitoring:

We utilize an ultrasonic wall gauge to inspect and verify dimensions to assure precise measurements.

Complete in-process tube ID/OD/Wall measurement and control:

We compile computer data to monitor and validate Outer Diameter (OD), Wall Thickness, and Inner Diameter (ID).

Statistical Process Control (SPC):

We apply the SPC method of quality control to monitor and manage processes to ensure efficiency.

Our Cutting-Edge Product Design and Testing Capabilities Ensure Long-Life and Reliability

  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • FEA
  • Thermal & Humidity Testing
  • HPLC
  • Pressure Testing up to 2,500 bar
  • Product Life Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Micro Surface Finish Measurement

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