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Simplify and Optimize the Most Demanding UHPLC Applications

Oct 21, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

Are you running highly sensitive organic solvents through your UHPLC system? We have designed a bioinert tubing and fitting connection system called, MarvelXACT™ PEEKsil™, with tubing that provides both the chemical compatibility of fused silica glass and the strength of PEEK. By sheathing the silica with PEEK, this connection system can handle much higher pressures with a much lower absorption rate. Also the tight tolerance and ultra-smooth ID surface of the inner diameter of the PEEKsil™ tubing allows for improved chromatography results and reduces band broadening.

Traditional fittings for UHPLC systems can be complex, cannot handle higher pressures, and only can be re-used a handful of times. Our MarvelXACT™ PEEKsil™ connection system utilizes our MarvelXACT™ fittings which are built with torque-limiting technology that allows a user to seal these fittings finger-tight to 19,000psi. You will no longer need tools to install your fittings to your UHPLC system with MarvelXACT™ fittings and they can be connected and reconnected 100 times.

This bioinert solution will allow you to run highly sensitive organic solvents and achieve reliable, accurate chromatography results.

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