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Multicolor Fluorescence: Four Times Brighter and Twice the Contrast

Jan 2, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

multicolor fluorescence: four times brighter and twice the contrast

Comparison images of Rat Mesangial Cells: labeled with Hoechst, Alexa 488, MitoTracker Red and Cy5 using the Semrock Quad-band DA/FI/TR/Cy5-4X-B “Pinkel” filter set on an Olympus BX61WI-DSU Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope. Images courtesy of Mike Davidson – Molecular Expressions.

competitor Quad-band “Pinkel” Filter Set

Leading Competitor’s Quad-band “Pinkel” Filter Set

Semrock Quad-band “Pinkel” Filter Set

Semrock BrightLine Quad-band “Pinkel” Filter Set

DA/FI/TR/Cy5-4X-B“Pinkel” Set Spectra

This four color, quad-band, filter set is designed for high speed, sequential imaging of DAPI, FITC, TRITC, and Cy5. The complete, 6-filter set is comprised of 1 quad-band dichroic beamsplitter, 1 quadband emitter, and 4 single-band exciters. All six filters are ‘no burn out’ hard-coated in design that will provide consistent, high performance. This set is also available in a ‘Sedat’ version, that replaces the single quad-band emitter with four single-band emitters. Both our Sedat and Pinkel sets are designed for the single-band filters to be installed in filter wheels.

DA/FI/TR/Cy5-4X-A graph

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