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IDEX Health & Science and IDEX China Continue Collaboration with Fudan University

Sep 6, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

optical filter held up to Fudan University sign

IDEX Health & Science has partnered with Fudan University in Shanghai, China for the last 12 years for their FIST (Fudan Intensive Summer Teaching) program, which introduces college students to optics and their role in the life sciences. The course topic, entitled: “Application of Modern Microscopic Imaging Technology in the Research of Cell Biology,” has benefitted more than 600 students.

Helen Xu, Human Resources Director of IDEX China, spoke about the IDEX’s partnership with the University saying: “Life Science Optics is an important part of IDEX Health & Science, and this course is one of many activities that IDEX China supports to give back to the community.” It’s also an example of IDEX’s school-enterprise collaboration initiative.

Read on for some course highlights from the last few years:

group of students studying optical filters

In late August, Wang Qi, Business Development Manager for the Semrock Optical Filters product line, returned to teach at Fudan University to 40 post graduate students.

group of students holding optical filters

The most popular section of this year’s course was the practice and exploration segment, which Wang expanded and optimized so that each student could deepen their knowledge while receiving hands-on experience disassembling, assembling, and cleaning filters. He also guided them through any challenges they faced during the exercises.

Wang said, "I am glad to attend this course and help IDEX Health & Science to give back to local community."

students studying optical filters in a classroom setting

For the past two years, the FIST course was held exclusively online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2022’s return to in-person classes was completed by 50 eager students who were excited to get hands-on experience.

Wang introduced the principles behind the filter, manufacturing, and explained the uses of filters in life science applications. He also explained how to clean, assemble, and visually detect scratches and pockmarks.

Thanks to Wang Qi, and IDEX China for their commitment to helping others learn.

student and teacher studying optical filter laying on a table

Due to COVID-19, 2019’s course on the Application of Modern Microscopic Imaging Technology in Cell Biology Research needed to be moved to an online format with Wang Qi and IDEX China’s help.

Semrock optical filters in a display case

“We set up a live broadcast room in an IDEX facility meeting room, upgraded the network, and made arrangements for live broadcast equipment such as lighting that the university did not have. We did several rehearsals before bringing dozens of students a wonderful live online class,” Wang Qi said.

Professor Cai Liang from the University’s school of Life Sciences instructed the class and was very pleased the program was made possible. Liang cited its importance stating: “this course puts into practice the theory and methods of active learning and teaching and explores the training mode of undergraduate scientific research and innovation talents.”

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