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Our Goal: Be your “go-to” partner for optical filters from concept through production.

Semrock® Optical Filters from IDEX Health & Science revolutionized the Life Sciences industry in the early 2000s with advanced hard-coated optical filters, enhancing instrument sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability, and filter lifespan. Innovation and capacity to deliver for diverse applications, budgets, and scales. Our products range from premium Avant sets for improved fluorescence microscopy to filter sets optimized for popular light sources. Quality is our priority.

Our custom optical design and engineering services enable you to bring your unique vision to life. Whether you need a fully-custom optical system or to tweak one of our catalog products, our team of experts work with you every step of the way to deliver a solution that meets your specific requirements. Partner with us for your next OEM project and receive exclusive benefits:

Right Design

  • Design support: Access SearchLight, our proprietary spectral simulation tool to optimize optical filter design, optical filter selection, and system optical path performance modeling.
  • Expert teams: Utilize the expertise of our Application and Engineering teams.
  • Precision coating: Best-in-class coating capabilities and lot-to-lot consistency to ensure your satisfaction today and every day.

Right Price

  • Discounted catalog: Enjoy exclusive partner discounts to published list pricing for Semrock optical filters available on our website. Tiered discounts are available with increasing revenue achievements. Flexible long-term blanket orders to meet price and demand requirements.
  • Custom without the cost: Tailor your filter needs with fast delivery and lower prices on custom-sized standard catalog coatings and from our broad selection of OEM overrun stock.

Right Now

  • Quick response: Experience 48-hour (or less) response times to Requests for Quotation (RFQs).
  • Lead times: Benefit from shortened lead times – with new products delivered in 4-weeks or receive our standard products in days.

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