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    The following patents have been granted to employees of IDEX Health & Science, LLC.

    IDEX Health & Science Patents

    Patent Title Country
    9381449 Carbon Nanotube Composite Membrane United States
    9388930 Disk Check Valve Construction United States
    9388908 Rotary Shear Valve Assembly With Hard-On-Hard Seal Surfaces United States
    7399345 Capillary Flow Restrictor Apparatus United States
    9403121 Carbon Nanotube Composite Membrane United States
    8238042 Reflective Axicon Systems and Method United States
    8238389 Temperature Control System for Optimizing a Frequency Converted Diode Laser United States
    9413130 Optical Systems United States
    7411679 Optical Filter and Fluorescence Spectroscopy System Incorporating the Same United States
    9421545 Valve Assembly with Multiple Radial Grooves to Enable Individual or Combined Flows United States
    9423622 Glass Block Dichroic Beamsplitters United States
    2539616 Multi-Position Micro-Fluidic Valve System United States
    8250723 System and Method for Mounting Lens in Cells United States
    9434145 Dichroic Filter Conformed to Optical Surface United States
    8261773 Multi-Position Micro-Fluidic Valve System with Removable Encoder Assembly Micro-Fluidic Valve Actuator Assembly and Encoder Assembly United States
    7427312 Integrated Degasser and Debubbler United States
    9457504 Connector with Structural Reinforcement and Biocompatible Fluid Passageway United States
    8300313 Optical Transmission Filter with Extended Out-of-Band Blocking United States

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