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    Company History

    IDEX Health & Science is committed to delivering best-in-class products that meet our customers’ optofluidic needs.

    We have acquired a series of leading companies that augment our offering of outstanding fluidic and optical components. These select partnerships give us a leading edge in the market place and continue to position IDEX Health & Science as the authority in optofluidic engineering and manufacturing. Explore our history below.


    Finger Lakes Instrumentation

    Founded in 2000, Finger Lakes Instrumentation is a technology leader in the design, development, and production of low-noise cooled CCD and high-speed, high-sensitivity cooled Scientific CMOS cameras for the astronomy and life science markets. The acquisition into IDEX Health & Science fills a strategic gap that complements our life science optofluidic portfolio.



    The acquisition of thinXXS Microtechnology served to establish IDEX Health & Science as the global leader in microfluidic technologies, and sharpen its focus on the growth of integrated optofluidic sub-systems, components, and highly engineered solutions across its target markets. thinXXS Microtechnology was founded in 2001 and is located in Zweibrücken, Germany.



    As part of IDEX Health & Science’s strategic plan to become an optofluidic solution provider to the life science instrument development market, the Semrock business line product line was integrated into IDEX Health & Science along with Melles Griot. Semrock, which was founded in 2000, has become the standard in optical filters for the life science industry, applying patented design techniques to create some of the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market.


    Melles Griot

    As part of IDEX Health & Science’s strategic plan to become an optofluidic solution provider to the life science instrument development market, the Melles Griot business line was integrated into IDEX Health & Science. Founded in 1969, Melles Griot is the market leader in providing enabling optical systems, vertically integrated from components through system design, manufacturing, and metrology.



    CiDRA Precision Services was acquired as part of IDEX Health & Science’s strategic plan to broaden its fluidic product and capabilities portfolio. CiDRA Precision Services brings innovative microfluidic solutions that comply with the strictest standards and performance requirements for any conceivable life science application. While founded in 1999 as a division of CiDRA Corporation, CiDRA Precision Services separated as a stand alone business in 2007.



    IDEX Health & Science now brings superior gas and detection technology to our customers because of our acquisition of ERC’s equipment degassing solutions. ERC was founded in 1988 and acquired by IDEX Health & Science in 2012. ERC was a pioneer in the design and manufacture of gas liquid separations and detection products. Their leading products included High-Flow Degassing Systems, components that improved the performance of high-throughput diagnostic instruments, and Refractive Index Detectors (RIDs) that utilize optical measurement, temperature control and signal/data processing for HPLC applications like GPC. Because of ERC, our degassing solutions are considered ‘standard’ for many of the world’s leading instrument producers.


    Isolation Technologies

    Isolation Technologies products allow us to deliver the most advanced HPLC column hardware and accessories to the global HPLC market. Isolation Technologies was founded in 1993 and acquired by IDEX Corporation in 2008. The Isolation Technologies product line consists of customized, advanced HPLC columns and hardware for the pharmaceutical, biotech, proteomics, food and beverage, environmental, and petrochemical markets.


    Eastern Plastics, Inc.

    Since it’s founding in 1960, Eastern Plastics Inc. endured as the global provider of plastics machining. IDEX Corporation purchased Eastern Plastics Inc. in 2006, adding high-precision manifold manufacturing and custom plastics to our portfolio of expertise. Our OEM parts and custom manifolds are designed for medical devices and diagnostics, instrumentation, semiconductor/electronics, and other analytical applications where complex, highly specialized plastic parts are required.


    Upchurch Scientific

    Upchurch Scientific has been the leading global manufacturer of fittings, tubing, and high-quality fluid transfer components and accessories for the demanding HPLC market since 1975. When they were acquired by the IDEX Corporation in 2004, Upchurch Scientific products became an integral part of IDEX Health & Science LLC’s extensive portfolio of products. We remain the clear choice for end-users and OEMs looking for high-performance engineered thermoplastics and corrosion-resistant metal products.



    IDEX Corporation acquired Systec in 2004, adding debubbling and degassing to our growing list of fluidic capabilities. Since 1971, OEMs looked to Systec for high-purity degassing efficiency in the chemical instrumentation, in vitro diagnostic and biotechnology markets. Now, with the acquisition of Systec products and manufacturing capabilities, IDEX Health & Science is able to offer the same chemically inert degassing and debubbling systems for rigorously precise applications.


    Sapphire Engineering

    The acquisition of Sapphire Engineering has reaffirmed IDEX Health & Science as the leading U.S. supplier of custom precision analytical and diagnostic components. For over 100 years Sapphire Engineering has reputably designed and manufactured products from ultrahard materials, including sapphire, ruby, ceramics, and stainless steel. They were founded in 1900 and acquired by the IDEX Corporation in 2004. Sapphire Engineering products are an integral part of the IDEX Health & Science LLC portfolio.



    Rheodyne products are advanced fluid-handling solutions for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and in vitro diagnostic systems. Rheodyne was founded in 1976 and purchased by IDEX Corporation in 2002. Adding Rheodyne products to our portfolio allows us to deliver the same reliable standard of low- and high-pressure fluid valves, automated sample injectors, fluid-switching platforms, and associated products.

    We Like to Innovate as Much as You Do

    As your trusted partner in life science instrument development, we continue to invest in leading technologies and capabilities to solve your most demanding challenges. Our experts support and guarantee your success with a newly enhanced portfolio of state-of-the-art components and capabilities that are unrivaled in breadth, quality, performance, and design. Our vision of the complete path goes far beyond just meeting your needs – it anticipates them, with intelligent solutions for life.

    IDEX Health & Science is the global authority in fluidics and optics, bringing to life advanced optofluidic technologies with our products, people, and engineering expertise. Intelligent solutions for life.