Custom Microscope Objectives Brochure

by IDEX Health & Science
Custom Microscope Objectives

Get exactly the imaging performance you need

Finding it difficult to select the appropriate microscope objective for your application? Observing imaging errors at the edges of your field of view or intolerable chromatic aberration? Can’t precisely quantify or model the performance of available off-the-shelf objectives? Stop compromising! We are happy to work with you to provide a cost-competitive custom microscope objective solution that is ideally suited to your specific application. We guarantee superior imaging performance and repeatability in volume production.

Melles Griot, now a part of IDEX Health & Science has over forty years of experience developing and manufacturing fully customized high-performance optical systems. We have crafted optimal solutions for the most demanding applications ranging from semiconductor inspection and metrology to high-throughput subcellular imaging in life science and medical instrumentation. We routinely produce high-NA, diffraction-limited objectives from the ultraviolet to the infrared. By working closely with your team throughout the full development process—from concept to launch—we enable you to realize a competitive advantage resulting from accelerated time to market, competitive cost, highest quality, and ultimately better product performance.

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