Team Up with Optofluidic Experts

    Life science instruments are typically designed and developed by experts from various specialties. These experts are primarily focused on differentiating their own core technology in fluidics, imaging and illumination, microfluidics, and sub-systems. When it comes time to commercialize their science into an engineered solution, problems can arise.

    life science technologies

    How can you reduce risk in areas in-between your expertise?

    Partner with someone who has already solved similar projects and challenges. We are uniquely positioned to solve even the most demanding fluidic and optical challenges in a wide array of applications. This enables us to target solutions that fit your precise needs, connecting you with the right integration strategies to move you toward the next innovative instrument.

    Our team has expertise that encompasses every aspect of design, development, and integration of fluidics, imaging and illumination, microfluidics, and sub-systems.

    IDEX Health & Science Optofluidic Pathway

    Sep, 16 2019 | Stories & Features

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