MarvelX™ Fittings Advances Fluidic Systems versus Traditional Coned FittingsIDEX Health & Science

    MarvelX™ Fittings Advances Fluidic Systems

    MarvelX UHPLC connection systems have been expertly designed for easy routing throughout your instrument, while providing consistent performance and superior re-usability. The connection system is compatible with 10-32 coned receiving ports and is absolutely finger-tight — no tool required.

    What are the main differences between Marvel X UHPLC fittings and Traditional Coned Fittings?

    Marvel X UHPLC Fittings
    • Zero Dead Volume
    • Sealing Not Dependent on Ferrules
    • Limits Sealing Complexities
    • Reduced Required Torque
    • Enables Connects and Disconnects as Needed
    • Virtually Impossible to Over Tighten By Hand
    • Better Chromatographic Results

    Traditional Coned Fittings
    • Extra Internal Volume
    • Requires Ferrule & Tooling to Properly Seal
    • Excessive Force to Tighten Increases Wear
    • Increased Likelihood of Replacement
    • Lower Quality Chromatographic Results

    To find more information on other high performing fittings for UHPLC applications, check out our Fittings 101 Guide.

    Download Fittings 101 Guide

    May, 06 2020 | Fluidics Stories & Features

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