Importance of Degassing Fluids

    Temperature, pressure, reagent concentration and sock or agitation are all common variables that reduce the saturation point of systems fluids, resulting in outgassing that forms bubbles. If bubble formation is not initially identified, sample assessment may be flawed.

    Produce consistent and accurate sample results by incorporating a degasser in your instrument. Degassers greatly improve precision by degassing fluids far below the saturation point so instrument operations remain bubble-free. As the graph below demonstrates, degassers greatly increase accuracy for dispense volumes over time, in standard operation.

    IDEX Health & Science degassers manage efficiency across a wide range of flow rates and conditions with closed-loop vacuum control, to greatly enhance run-to-run reliability and throughput, while maintaining dispense accuracy to avoid sample loss.

    What application do you use degassing for? High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)?

    Keeping with the industry trends, we have innovative products to help you continuously improve your HPLC systems. We are in the process of developing a NEW flat membrane degassing chamber with an optimized design and a vacuum control methodology to adjust the degasser vacuum depending on the system flow rate.

    Be the first to hear about this innovative degassing technology for your chromatography applications.

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