Expanded IDEX Health & Science portfolio includes cameras

    We’ve Expanded our Portfolio to Include Cameras and High Speed Filter Wheels

    Join Us in Welcoming Finger Lakes Instrumentation to Our Team

    As we collaborate with Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI), we can now offer you cooled CCD cameras, CMOS cameras, as well as, accessories including filter wheels, rotators, and cube switchers. FLI products are designed, built, and serviced in the state of New York, USA. FLI’s mission is to deliver cost effective, best-in-class optical products for life science imaging.

    To start the process of selecting a camera, consider the following questions:

    1. What is your desired frame rate?
    2. What is your field of view size?
    3. What type of optics will be used?
    4. What wavelength(s) are important?

    As you answer these questions, we will be able to narrow down which sensor is applicable for your camera and what hardware will be necessary to provide you with the best camera possible.

    FLI cooled CCD cameras set the standards in key performance areas including low noise, download speeds, cooling, image quality, linearity, and anti-ghosting technology. FLI’s high-speed camera platform supports sCMOS sensors for high sensitivity, ultra low noise, and high speed. Other FLI optical accessories include high speed filter wheels, high speed rotators, focusers, color filter wheels, filters and adapters.

    For more information about FLI’s product offerings, please visit FLI’s website. 

    Later this week, the full IDEX Health & Science team will be showcasing our capabilities at BiOS and Photonics West. We hope to see you at the Moscone Center in San Francisco starting Saturday, February 2nd at booths 8733 and 8228 for BiOS and booth 951 at Photonics West to discuss your next optofluidic solution.

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