Degassing Method

    During reagent handling or at the connection junctions, even small changes in the fluid path can cause dissolved gasses to occur in a solution. Factors including pressure, temperature, and chemical mixing are sources of bubble formation. Bubbles in the fluid stream cause detection variables, which can produce unstable, wandering, or noisy baselines.

    How do you prevent these variable changes in your fluid path? A Degasser

    Degassers eliminate dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and cause problems, thereby enhancing system accuracy and reliability.

    Keeping with the industry trends, we have innovative products to help you continuously improve your HPLC systems. We are in the process of developing a NEW flat membrane degassing chamber with an optimized design and a vacuum control methodology to adjust the degasser vacuum depending on the system flow rate.

    Be the first to hear about this innovative degassing technology for your chromatography applications.

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