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    Achieve Optimal Image Quality with Characterized Objectives

    Are you using an off-the-shelf objective lens for your imaging project? If so, how do you model the optical performance and control tolerances without compromising the efficiency of your instrument?

    Off-the-shelf objectives are not developed for your specific application and instrument, nor do they meet demanding instrument repeatability requirements. It is not uncommon for catalog objective performance to vary wildly from unit to unit.

    Achieve optimal image quality with a characterized objective from IDEX Health & Science.

    Our experts will enhance your system with a custom objective lens, optimized to your requirements and to work flawlessly with all other sub-assemblies. We collaborate with you to define the important design trade offs. This flexibility improves your price-to-performance ratio by choosing the numerical aperture and field of view that provide the best balance of speed and resolution for your given application.

    Find more information about fully characterized objectives from IDEX Health & Science in this video or on our website.

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