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    AACC Show Recap

    We had another great year at AACC. If you missed us, IDEX Health & Science was represented in three booths.

    thinXXS showcased our extensive microfluidic capabilities. As the world of life science becomes increasingly complex, developers are challenged to build solutions that enable more analysis on smaller samples with easier user workflows. Whether you’re creating instruments for life science research or diagnostics, there’s a likelihood your application will require microfluidics. From droplet-based applications to cell isolation, learn more here.

    We were also showcasing cooled CCD cameras and high speed filter wheels with our newest acquisition Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI) Read the press release here  and learn more about FLI.

    Our main IDEX Health & Science booth showcased the full line of optofluidic components and sub systems. One new addition to our portfolio is our continuous flow technology which allows you to deliver a continuous stream of fluid over a wide range of pressures and flow rates. Accurate, stable and uninterrupted flow is achieved by closed loop control of IDEX Health & Science dispense pumps. Our extensive catalog of hardware allows for total customization to utilize continuous flow anywhere in the workflow. By leveraging IDEX Health & Science fluidics and integration expertise this technology forms the core of a simple, compact and complete fluid management solution. For more information contact us at IHSContinuousFlow@idexcorp.com

    Will we see you at our next event?

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