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Jul 5, 2018 by IDEX Health & Science

Hello and welcome to the IDEX Health & Science insights blog. We will be featuring a variety of posts ranging from technical content and trending industry news to our community engagement efforts. We will also be highlighting the people behind the scenes here who make this a great business to partner with.

What drives innovation? What builds tomorrow’s technologies? What makes companies strong?


When you partner you can decode a cell like a genomics giant joining with a life sciences company, to develop single-cell sequencing that takes only 5 minutes and costs $1 per cell. Over 75% of leading CEO’s see partnership as essential to innovation. Your specs and our expertise. Your vision and our focus. We see integration so you can see innovation.

Interested in how you can unlock innovation within your supply chain? Download the full report published by Forbes Insights with the help of IDEX Health & Science. The report showcases their findings after surveying 180 executives from the life science pharmaceuticals and aviation/aerospace sectors.

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