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Extend the Lifetime of UHPLC Columns with a Compact Valve

Jul 23, 2019 by IDEX Health & Science

The graph below illustrates that every time a traditional UHPLC valve is rotated to make an injection in a UHPLC system, the pressure of the mobile phase flowing through the column fluctuates. When switching from load to inject, the system experiences a 11,000 psi (758 bar, 76 MPa) pressure drop (Figure 1, pressure fluctuation 1). In addition to the injection pressure drop, the column also experiences a pressure drop when the valve switches back to the load position from the inject position (Figure 1, pressure fluctuation 2). Over time when switching the valve repeatably, these pressure drops can disrupt column packing and cause the column to experience an early lifetime failure.

Our compact valve uses advanced make-before-break technology to reduce injection pressure shock by 5,000 psi (345 bar, 35 MPa) (See Figure 2, pressure fluctuation 1). Other features include faster actuation speeds that eliminate the pressure spike when switching from inject back to load (See Figure 2, pressure fluctuation 2). The graph below illustrates the less significant pressure drop of a compact valve by IDEX Health & Science.

Preserve your UHPLC column’s integrity for a longer period of time with a compact valve by IDEX Health & Science.