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Fluidic Component Capabilities: Custom Rotary Shear Valves

Jul 20, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

Streamline Your Complex Reagent Flow Path

Streamline your complex reagent flow path with a custom rotary shear valve and integrated manifold assembly. Fully customizable rotor seals and stator materials provide the flexibility to design for cost and optimal performance. A high reagent port count offers significant cost and space savings compared to a bank of solenoid valves.

With over 45 years of experience in rotary shear valves, we work with you to create custom solutions for reagent selection.

Benefits of IDEX Health & Science Rotary Shear Valves

  • Reduced reagent waste versus solenoid valves
  • Avoids unwanted reagent mixing
  • Zero dead volume
  • Cost reduction versus multiple solenoids
  • Simplified valve control reduces electromechanical complexity
  • Fast actuation speeds
  • Manifold mountable or standalone design
  • Long lifetime
  • Bio-compatible and stainless-steel options
  • Flexibility in design with control for 4 to 24 streams
  • Optional controller board and access to open-source python-powered IDEX Health & Science Library for rapid integration

View our Integrated Fluidic Subsystems Brochure to learn how we can direct fluid across many applications with our components including manifolds, valves, degassers, tubing, and more.

View Our Integrated Fluidic Subsystems Brochure