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Standard Fluidic Degasser Series

Oct 25, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

Standard Degassers from IDEX Health & Science

IDEX Health & Science standard degassing offering provides you a with wide range of flexibility to build your instrument. A team of dedicated application scientists and engineers can help you select the right components to meet the specific needs of your application. For whichever design configuration you select, IDEX Health & Science offers you confidence in degassing efficiency, lifetime, quality, and consistency for your fluidic application.

Low Flow In-line Degassing Chambers: Eliminate dissolved gases in precision low-flow applications or from chemically challenging fluids

  • Available as tube or as highly efficient film degasser chambers
  • Provides outstanding chemical resistance to a wide variety of fluids
  • Available standalone or manifold-mountable component
  • For use in modern molecular detection or processing platforms including DNA sequencing, protein identification, and interaction, flow cytometry, or chromatography

Low Flow Degassing Chamber from IDEX Health & Science

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Medium and High Flow Inline Degassing Chambers: Improve throughput while maintaining performance

  • Enables highest throughput of system fluids and reagents
  • Ensures highly efficient degassing under heavy load
  • Available as manifold-mountable component or as a standalone degasser option
  • For use in high-throughput clinical chemistry and comparable assay systems

Medium In-Line Degasser from IDEX Health & Science

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Long-life, Chemically Inert Vacuum Pumps: Add control and reliability to your degassing system

  • Highly integrated, standalone, self-regulating system
  • Improved chemical resistance using resistant materials and efficient prevention of pervaporated solvents 
  • Reduces wear by adapting speed to the vacuum level thereby improving reliability
  • Can be used as a pneumatic fluid actuator provided liquid is prevented from entering the pump
  • Designed for optimal performance with our degassing chambers
Vacuum Pump Degasser from IDEX Health & Science

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Complete Degassing Systems: For assembly and supply chain convenience

  • Autonomous operation with minimal oversight from your instrument control system
  • Improves throughput and performance using parallel degassing paths for each reagent line
  • Provides reliability and reduces downtime in your instrument platform
  • For use in higher throughput molecular or analytical platforms

Complete Degassing Systems from IDEX Health & Science

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