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Increase Raman System Performance with Verona Filters

Jun 16, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

Verona filters- designed and optimized for raman applications

Raman spectroscopy and microscopy are powerful, non-destructive analysis techniques that require the ability to resolve signals from weak, inelastically scattered light spectrally adjacent to the laser line. These measurements generally face two limitations: (1) Raman scattering cross sections are tiny, requiring intense lasers and sensitive detection systems just to achieve enough signal; and (2) the signal-to-noise ratio is further limited by fundamental, intrinsic noise sources like sample autofluorescence.



IDEX Health and Science understands these challenges, and we are proud to announce our latest Semrock-brand optical filters are designed from the ground up specifically for Raman instruments. The new Verona™ optical filters product line has been designed with your needs in mind:

  1. With transition width (cut-off) ≤ 0.2% allowing for maximal unobstructed signal collection two times our actual Semrock RazorEdge E Grade filters
  2. Steepness improved from our RazorEdge series
  3. Low ripple to provide the best signal-to-noise ratio and allow for maximal collection of weak Raman spectral features
  4. New Wavelengths are now available in 488 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, and 785 nm
  5. Deep blocking of > OD 6 at the laser line that eliminates bleed-through of excitation light
  6. Hard coated for high laser damage threshold to prevent performance degradation
  7. With our award-winning, proprietary Kola Deep spectral measurement system, we provide the spectral data to prove our superior deep blocking and edge-steepness performance
  8. Availability in 12.5mm housed standard sized parts and 10mm clear aperture, providing more real estate for your most demanding applications

Comparison of Verona optical filters wavenumber

Verona’s improved transition width enables you to collect more Raman signal closer to the laser line for higher resolution images and spectra. We offer the best transition on the market, backed by the Kola Deep™ Spectral Measurement System.

Comparison of Verona optical filters low ripple

Verona’s low ripple provides the best signal-to-noise ratio, allowing for maximal collection of weak Raman spectral features.

Semrock’s long-pass Verona optical filters provide industry-best solutions for deep blocking close to the laser line for Raman applications. Verona is just the beginning of our evolving Raman product line to match the rapidly developing Raman market. Our understanding of how crucial flat transmission is for the maximal collection of weak Raman signals is why we offer a filter with both low ripple and improved steepness from our RazorEdge™ series, making the Verona family the new gold standard for Raman analysis. Push the limits of what you can see with your Raman system with Verona Raman filters.