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SearchLightâ„¢ System Calculator

Sep 23, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

SearchLight’s System Calculators allow a user to compare the fluorescence signal and signal-to-noise ratio or contrast of varying filter sets.

In adding a system calculator, a user can input the individual filters or filter set, fluorophore, light source, and detector. The user can also rename the calculator to better differentiate between multiple added system calculators. These calculator names also populate into the legend drop down, to provide easier selection of the calculator plotted within the spectral view.

By creating multiple system calculators, a user can compare each filter sets signal or brightness, and signal-to-noise ratio or contrast to help in selecting the filter set most well-suited to their specific fluorescence imaging application. Clicking on the normalize checkbox of a given system calculator will allow a user to easily differentiate the variance of signal or signal-to-noise ratio between different sets under consideration.

Watch our video tutorial that walks through how to use the SearchLight System Calculator and what spectral data you will find most useful:

The system calculators allow a user to easily link that calculator to the plot window. The legend also provides easy access to the system calculators to change the current spectral view.

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