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Has your Life Science Application Outgrown Off-the-Shelf Components?

Sep 15, 2021 by IDEX Health & Science

Compare field of view with cameras versus microscope camera

Fluorescence imaging using off-the-shelf components generally has a limited field of view (FOV), impacting instrument throughput. In order to enhance imaging throughput, life science OEMs are moving toward custom optical imaging systems to maximize FOV. Such systems benefit from next generation large format sCMOS cameras.

How can sCMOS cameras improve your imaging throughput?

IDEX Health & Science sCMOS cameras not only enable imaging of very large FOV, they also enable high sensitivity fluorescence imaging for the most demanding discovery and research applications in the life sciences. As your partner for custom OEM solutions, we design for optimizing price and performance, with your whole system in mind from the start.

Standard cameras for OEM evaluation are available within weeks.

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