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Reagent Management

Dec 9, 2019 by IDEX Health & Science

When designing integrated microfluidic consumables, it is important to understand the assay workflow, the functionality of the consumable, and how to scale the consumable for the markets you are looking to penetrate. All aspects of microfluidic consumable design can be carefully reviewed and strategically implemented with what we call an Assay and Reagent Plan.

If you follow the steps of our Assay and Reagent Plan, you can more successfully assure testing accuracy and reliability in the field. What steps are involved in this plan?

  1. Discuss the focus assay and what workflow makes most sense
  2. Establish specific card design inputs and outputs
  3. Review storage and shelf-life concerns for the assay and the desired market for the consumable
  4. Develop scalable delivery

As you explore the first step, start to think about sample type and sample introduction. How will you introduce the sample? A swab or a pipette? Depending on your application, the next step to consider is on-card wet reagent and on-card dry reagent capabilities. In this video below, learn more about the technologies we have available to enhance your reagent management.

How have we created wet and dry reagent handling solutions for our customers?

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