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IDEX Health & Science Supports Well-Being Benefits that Focus on Holistic Health

Jun 20, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

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June is Professional Wellness Month, spotlighting the workplace’s role in creating holistic environments for employees. Recently there has been an evolving concentration in the workplace on not only wellness, but also an individual’s overall wellbeing (Putnam). Realistically, most adults spend much of their active lives in their workplace, and this evolution marks a natural progression in the connection between work, work-life balance, and one’s overall mental and physical health.

As noted in a recent feature from the Rochester Business Journal, there is a distinction between how employers are viewing workplace benefits related to mental and physical health. “Whereas wellness benefits focus mostly on physical health, well-being benefits robustly support employees holistically in the areas of physical, mental, social, financial and career health (Putnam).”

IDEX Health & Science has a long history of offering significant mental and physical health benefits, and even more so in the current “post” pandemic period. Through a variety of benefit programs, and a culture that embraces work-life balance and self-care, we are fully committed to supporting the physical, mental, and financial well-being of our employees.

“From day one (of the pandemic), our business was considered essential,” says Dina G. Vazzana, IDEX Health & Science Vice President. Dina continued, “Making sure that every individual in our organization felt supported to care for themselves and their families, first and foremost, was one of our biggest challenges. I’ve encouraged being kind to each other, checking in on colleagues and worked to create an environment of psychological safety where everyone feels comfortable speaking up, asking for help, and taking time for themselves.”

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Our commitment to IDEX Health & Science employees manifests in a several ways including:

  • A variety of medical plans with options catering to the budgets and health needs of individual employees. Employees are eligible on day one of employment.
  • Vision and dental plans.
  • An employee assistance program that’s accessible 24/7.
  • Monthly onsite counseling service at the IDEX Health & Science Life Science Optics Center of Excellence in Rochester, NY.
  • Access to online counseling through ComPsych Guidance Resources.
  • A Wellness Program through Bravo which encourages physical health by completing bi-annual checkups with healthcare credits for completing challenges—up to $75 per month for employee, and $50 for a domestic partner can be earned.
  • Health tips from Wondr, catered to employee’s chosen topics of interests from mental health, back pain solutions, healthy eating tips, and more.
  • 11 Paid Holidays and additional PTO for Vacation or Sick Days.
  • To help achieve financial wellness, employees are eligible for the 401k plan on day one of employment, and IDEX matches the first 8% of contributions at a 50% match.
  • Scheduled Financial Literacy Webinars offered through Vanguard Retirement Services.
  • Opportunities for Education Tuition Reimbursement.

These benefits and programs are strengthened through an ongoing commitment from our leadership team to “invest in our people and encourage all our team members to maintain a healthy work life balance, with the opportunity to grow and develop one’s career.” – Dina G. Vazzana, Vice President and General Manager, Life Science Optics, IDEX Health & Science.

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