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Optical System Development

Jun 10, 2018 by IDEX Health & Science

Are you developing a life science instrument under a tight budget and aggressive timeline, with technical needs that push optical performance boundaries?

Every component in a system — such as optical filters, objective and tube lenses, light engines, and flow cells — impacts system-level performance. For an instrument to operate at its full potential, each component must interact seamlessly with all other components. But, when integration is forced with independently developed components, the system will not be optimized for best performance. This leads to cost overruns, excessive debugging, and inconsistent performance.

To avoid the uncertainty of off-the-shelf components that may not be characterized sufficiently to fully define your system’s optical path, integrate a custom optical system from IDEX Health & Science. We are your design partner to support the development of unique, high-performance, optical systems that are optimized to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements of the life sciences market. Our experts create innovative optical solutions that balance price and performance, meet development timelines, and exceed expectations.

By using our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities we develop optimal designs with your whole system in mind from the start. Our optical expertise in system assembly and alignment ensures product quality and superior performance.

As an OEM partner, we deliver an integrated optical assembly that is based on a complete Zemax OpticStudio computational model. This robust model allows you to virtually verify your instrument’s performance across the operational parameters. This provides the flexibility to make changes quickly so you can optimize the performance of your entire instrument and decrease the time from prototype to production. And when it comes time for production, a custom optical system delivers consistent unit to unit performance that greatly reduces or eliminates optical variabilities that affect your instrument. This ensures a smooth, high-quality supply chain to achieve your product launch and scale-up targets.

Create one complete system by seamlessly integrating optical filters, objectives & tube lenses, light engines, flow cells, and more, from IDEX Health & Science.  Watch the full video here.

As the world’s only advanced optofluidic company, we apply IDEXology intelligence to protect you from risk and empower your business.