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IDEX Health & Science Celebrates the Leaders of Tomorrow

Jul 26, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

2022 interns group

July 28th is National Intern Day, and IDEX Health & Science is proud to celebrate our interns! Our collegiate opportunities and internships are designed to provide exposure to a variety of real-world experiences. The goal for each intern is to grow invaluable skill sets and develop insights that will enable them to continuously develop and/or expedite their careers.

Meet a few of the interns from our Rochester, NY and Rohnert Park, CA sites below.

Abby Norris

Abby is currently working towards her bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and continuing her education with a masters in Sustainability and Engineering. She is currently interning in the Continuous Improvement Department. Post-graduation, Abby hopes to, “make a huge difference by minimizing the negative environmental impacts that come as a result of being in a corporate world.”

Thus far, Abby has learned: “skills like reading travelers, conducting time studies, understanding and updating procedures and documents, and creating routings. However, I found more value in the soft skills I learned. Highest among them includes learning how to communicate effectively with people to accomplish whatever goal I may have. There are some aspects of working that school can never prepare you for and interacting with your coworkers is one of them.”

Jeff Hodgson

Jeff has just completed his freshman year at Cornell University in the College of Engineering, where he hopes to continue his education with the Materials Science & Engineering Program. This summer, Jeff is working alongside Filters Research, Development, and Engineering (RD&E) and Coatings RD&E as an engineering intern, where he’s learning to develop new technologies and refine processes.

During his internship, Jeff has explored: “using techniques for optical inspection alongside image processing libraries in python. I have been working on a system to automate inspection of our coated substrates to create a more objective method and better characterize the quality of product we’re creating. This will also help to increase yields and productivity by preventing product from being scrapped prematurely, as well as preventing bad materials from being worked on. I have [also] gotten tours of the clean room and manufacturing floor and have developed a decent understanding of the coating process [and] how material becomes finished product.”

Kailyn Kehoe

Kaylin is a senior at Keuka College, double majoring in business management and marketing with a minor in finance. Upon graduating, she will pursue an MBA to further her professional career. Kaylin has been interning as a Human Resources (HR) Assistant Co-Op since December of 2021 and has really enjoyed working with the Rochester, NY Human Resources Team.

“I have seen real growth in myself. When I first started my internship, I felt like a true assistant: shadowing my team and assisting them with small tasks. Over the last six months, however, I have noticed this growth as I now have my own responsibilities, can work more independently, and am able to contribute so much more to our department. Through[out] this experience, I have gained exposure to so many different HR functions. I have been able to experience everything from onboarding, administrative tasks to payroll duties, purchase orders to analyzing turnover, and so much more! It is really interesting to see how [working in] HR utilizes the skill sets I have gained from my studies. HR works very closely with management, marketing, and finance, and I‘ve learned that this department is the perfect blend for me!”

Thomas Delforte

Thomas will be a senior this year at the University of Buffalo, studying electrical engineering, and he is currently building up his skill set as an intern in the Systems Manufacturing Engineering Department at IDEX Health & Science.

“I’ve learned to always look for improvements in everything. Even small improvements can make big changes in outcome. I’ve also learned the importance of taking care of small problems when they arise rather them putting them off. When an employee must pause their work to complete a task that could have already been done, money is being lost and time is being wasted.” Thomas also hopes to learn more about “the systems IDEX manufactures, as they are very complex.”

Tyler Stovcsik

Tyler is working towards a graduate degree in sustainable engineering, as well as a bachelor’s in environmental health and safety (EHS), and is currently interning in the EHS department. While broadening his knowledge on universal, hazardous, and non-hazardous waste disposal and storage, Tyler also hopes to learn more about “DOT and DEC inspections and how to be prepared and notice what needs to be fixed.”

Tyler has accepted an offer of staying on through the summer with IDEX Health & Science, stating: “this opportunity has been great! The atmosphere at IDEX is very inclusive and open to learning. I always felt like I could ask for help on a project or topic.”

Yong Wang

Yong is a senior imaging science major at the Rochester Institute for Technology and is currently interning in the Optical Technologies Department. During his internship at IDEX Health & Science, Yong learned to use an interferometer, assembling and aligning energetiq, and some assembly processes. He is also, “learning how to use Zemax, and hopes to learn more about designing optical systems using Zemax.”

“IDEX Health & Science is a great place to intern,” Yong said, “You learn a lot from this company, [and get] a lot of hands-on experience using different instruments and software.”

Aham Lee, intern

Aham Lee

Aham just finished his junior year at the University of Michigan and plans to obtain an accelerated master’s at the University of Michigan. He is completing his internship at the IDEX Health & Science Rohnert Park site this summer.

“I choose this field of study because, I want to be a part of the process behind the publication/creation of a vaccine that uses a delivery method that does not involve needles (e.g., oral, transdermal, nasal). The projects I am working on at IDEX can be applied to pharmaceutical products like vaccines.

“Everyone at IDEX is smart and very open to conversation. The HR team here is probably the nicest set of people I have encountered in a very long time. The engineers here are well-versed in their knowledge of their products and projects while being very approachable and kind, so I look forward to what I can learn from them!”

What Advice Would You Give Someone Thinking of Pursuing an Internship with IDEX Health & Science?

“IDEX Health & Science is a great place to intern. Everyone is very friendly and always happy to answer questions that I have.” – Yong Wang

“Be yourself during the interview. [They] already know you’re capable of the job if they called you in, and they just want to see if the culture is a good fit for you. IDEX Health & Science managed to create an environment that is diverse, friendly, and makes you feel important, no matter who you are. The people I interact with are respectful and, just like me, seem happy to be here. This company feels big in the sense that they have a lot of opportunity, but small in the sense that everyone kind of knows each other throughout the departments. If you’re looking for big companies with a small company feel, IDEX is a great place to look.” – Abby Norris

“My internship has been a great mix of solo and supervised work to help me get accustomed to working in a corporate/office setting. I would tell [them] to go for it!” – Tyler Stovcsik

“Take the opportunity. The projects I am a part of are giving me experience and knowledge that my college courses could/cannot provide. The experience and exposure to the practices here will help prepare you for a career. [Plus], the employees at IDEX are outgoing and friendly and always looking to help.” – Thomas Delforte

“Go for it! IDEX Health & Science is a great company, full of opportunities in all departments. It feels great to be working for a company that contributes to the greater good through production. I’m grateful for my internship experience, [and] it is evident that the team here truly values education. I am very appreciative of this opportunity and for my patient team who always takes the extra time to teach me new things and thoroughly educate me.” – Kaylin Kehoe

“The company has an amazing atmosphere, and most people seem genuinely interested in what they’re doing. Although I’ve been told we’ve grown rapidly in recent years, IDEX Health & Science has still retained elements of the startup feeling—in the best way possible.” – Jeffrey Hodgson

2022 student interns enjoying Lugia's ice cream

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