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Illumination Module for Flow Cell Analysis

Apr 1, 2019 by IDEX Health & Science


How can you improve the throughput of your flow cell analysis?

Throughput of fluorescence based instrumentation is often constrained by the speed at which a sample can be illuminated. Imaging the entire area requires multiple “step and shoot” scans be stitched together to cover the entire sample area.

There are two ways to increase throughput in conventional fluorescence based systems. You can decrease exposure time so you can step faster or, you can increase the field of view so you can take less steps. However, both of these options require either higher irradiance or increased power, which results in a key illumination dilemma.

Choose an LED and sacrifice spectral and spatial brightness, or choose a Laser light source, but lose beam profile uniformity and wavelength availability.

Now, you don’t have to choose.

Our experts have solved this dilemma with our Wide Field Illumination Module. In this single unit, we’ve solved uniformity by expanding the beam profile with our customized beam shaping technology. For multi-color applications, we’ve completely leveraged wavelength availability by combining specific LEDs and Lasers, into one module to meet your wavelength requirements. Our Wide Field Illumination Module combines LED and Lasers to pinpoint various light sources directly at your flow cell sample, thus optimizing performance and cost.


Improve your throughput and reduce analysis time with our compact, versatile wide field illumination module, only from IDEX Health & Science. Learn more about Wide Field Illumination Modules in this white paper.