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Minimize Time to Market with Tubing Assemblies Built for Longevity

Jun 22, 2021 by IDEX Health & Science

custom tubing assemblies

During the development phase of a fluidic system, connecting components along your breadboard usually seems like an easy task. But as protocols and requirements change, it becomes more and more complex to design the full system to be optimized for throughput and ensure every connection corresponds appropriately. How can you and your company tackle complexities in next generation instrument development and succeed in the marketplace? The key to fast iterations is to incorporate a vast portfolio of fluidic connection components and flawless third-party components.

Stay focused on your mission-critical goals rather than reinventing the wheel and wasting valuable manufacturing resources. With the right fluidic connection supplier, you can move towards industrializing your instrument or platform with cost-effective tubing assemblies that improve your system’s reliability.

Are your instruments space-constrained? What are the difficulties linked to replacing / reconnecting tubing assemblies in the field?

Many assembly situations — ranging from tool-less to tight-spaced — can benefit from a full spectrum of fittings. At IDEX Health & Science, we offer thermoformed tubing that is ideal for densely packed components in space-efficient instruments and our assemblies come packaged and labeled to fit your needs. We utilize various identification systems, such as tags, labels, and color-coding, to reduce errors and misconnections. Our tubing assemblies are built for quality, consistency, and longevity so you can focus on your assay right from the start, while we take care of connecting your components. 

What if you could easily and quickly install tubing assemblies without using extra tools?

When it comes to custom tubing assemblies, our manufacturing team is fully equipped to construct to your exact specifications, saving you time and complexity. We cut, form, produce, test, and label every piece, so you receive a single assembly that’s ready to integrate directly into your system.

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