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Protecting the Environment is an Every Day Effort at IDEX Health & Science

Apr 15, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

Read our about our recent efforts to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption

IDEX Health & Science is constantly pursuing ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. Across all IDEX Corporation business units, data is tracked for energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption on an annual basis. The data collected is evaluated by leadership and local business unit teams evaluate ways to reduce our impact.

Several IDEX Health & Science facilities recently underwent upgrades that helped decrease our carbon footprint with several more projects being completed in 2022.

Projects that Reduced Our Environmental Impact:

Rohnert Park, California: Solar Implementation Will Reduce CO2 and Kilowatts

rendering of rooftop solar project at our Rohnert Park facility

(rendering of rooftop solar project)

Currently, the Rohnert Park facility is completing a large-scale solar implementation project for their 65,000 sq ft facility. The projected energy reduction savings will be around 972,000 kilowatts per year and have a CO2 reduction of 759 tons per year—greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1,731,051 miles driven by car per year. 1,585 modules and will be installed on the rooftop covering most of the available space. In addition to our reducing environmental impact, this project will also off-set the electrical bill by 90-97%! The solar powered system also serves as an emergency back-up for power outages. With an average of 4-6 power disruptions a year, this implementation will reduce lost production and recovery times.

Bristol, Connecticut: Coolant Recycling Process Eliminates Truckloads of Wastewater

Bristol, CT coolant system

For years, IDEX Health & Science paid for twice-a-month pickups of coolant wastewater for remediation – enough to fill more than three tanker trucks over the course of a year. With help from a new machine, the Bristol facility now recycles coolant Read full story.

Rochester, New York: Evaporator System Causes 94% Improvement in Reducing Liquid Waste

Rochester, NY Facility evaporator system

In 2020, the Life Science Optic team in Rochester installed an Evaporator system in the optical filters manufacturing area. This unit enabled the company to safely dispose of the coolant used in the coring operation of our filters, while minimizing the quantity of waste being sent out to our waste management service. Since installation, there has been a 94% improvement in substantially reducing the liquid waste we produce, and waste collection went from once per month to once per year. Read full story.

Oak Harbor, Washington: LED Lighting Upgrade Reduces Carbon Footprint and Saves Energy

Oak Harbor upgrades lighting to LED

In 2021, the Oak Harbor facility underwent a lighting upgrade to not only brighten the space, but also help reduce our carbon footprint with energy efficient LED lighting. This project took place in their 9,000 sq ft. molding building. Over 20 lighting fixtures were replaced with LED fixtures. The project has a projected energy reduction savings of over 18,000 kilowatts per year. Since LEDs produce little heat and UV emissions and have a much longer lifespan, this upgrade means less waste and fewer harmful gasses being emitted into the atmosphere. Additionally, this project has reduced yearly energy costs by 1.5%.

These environmental impact efforts exemplify IDEX Corporation’s environmental stewardship program, which is part of their overall corporate social responsibility effort. More projects are planned across IDEX Corporation facilities throughout 2022 and beyond.