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IDEX Health & Science Featured at PhotonicsNEXT Summit

Aug 17, 2021 by IDEX Health & Science

This summer, Laser Focus World hosted a virtual educational event focused on scientific advances, photonics research and development, and application solutions. A few of our imaging and illumination experts presented how every component and optical filter in a system impacts system-level performance. Watch the presentations below to learn more.

Advanced Illumination and Imaging Technologies for Life Science Instruments

Presented By: David Hargis, our CTO for Life Science Optics and Chad Byler, our Director of RDE for Systems Imaging

Grasp a better understanding of how to select the best components and optimize them to work together to increase data fidelity and instrument footprint.

  • Discover different shapes and illumination roll-offs that can be achieved with multi-mode
    diode solutions
  • Review resolution and light gathering power of a high NA objective
  • Discuss the most important specs to communicate your custom lens needs
  • How can system alignment effect your system depth of focus?


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Selecting Catalog and Custom Filter Parameters for Optimal System Design with Semrock Optical Filters

Presented By: Michael Delay, our Application Scientist for Semrock optical filters

What’s the best way to choose and define individual filter performance for superior spectral compatibility with other filters in a set or optical system?

  • Review catalog and custom filter spectral specifications
  • What is “precise spectral edge placement”? How does it drive performance?
  • New Kola Deep metrology capability with deeper UV-to-NIR OD measurement capability
  • How can you optimize catalog and custom filter set alignment for the best performance in you optical system?
  • Demonstrate the use of SearchLight, our free web-based tool for simulating and analyzing filter set behavior, including the optical characteristics of excitation and detection components
  • Provide awareness of cost drivers for custom optical filters that can help control total filter cost


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