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Research and Innovation that Develops HPLC Technologies

Mar 13, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

Businesses in the analytical laboratory market are constantly looking for modern management and productivity processes to adopt. Methods are increasingly developed using QbD (Quality by Design) principles and are subject to active life cycle management. The main goals of innovating and adopting new technologies include repeatable and certifiable performance, maximum efficiency and cost-effective operation, along with improved environmental awareness.

The degasser is a critical part of any HPLC set up and until now, it has remained stagnant in terms of innovation. HPLC systems function well with constant vacuum and a tubular design; but, what if there was a way to allow users to select and control a fixed degassing efficiency for any HPLC system or method?  Our research and development team reassessed the design, performance, and controllability of this key system component, and have brought to life a radical new universal flat film membrane degasser.

New Film Degasser Provides More Efficiency and More Control for HPLC Applications

Engineered using a flat film format, our Film Degasser ensures fluidic instrument precision and reliability, and delivers a constant-performance vacuum design to expand the capability of your system. Utilizing a high-efficiency membrane and unique flow channel design, the Film Degasser provides the lowest fluidic resistance in the industry. Learn more about this new HPLC technology.

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