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Next-Generation HPLC Degassing

Apr 3, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

When analytical scientists review their HPLC laboratory set-ups, they typically have a couple goals in mind.

  1. How can we enhance the performance of the system and produce repeatable, certifiable results?
  2. What methods could we implement to increase the efficiency of the system?

To work through these goals, an often overlooked but key element to consider is the degasser.

The Background of Degassing

To maintain the stability of the HPLC system flow rate and mobile phase composition, a degasser plays the sole role in reducing the amount of dissolved air in the mobile phase and the stability of the entire HPLC system. Today’s HPLC systems have 2 potential mobile phase mixing arrangements. In the first scenario, solvents are mixed before they enter the pump. In the second scenario, mobile phase mixing occurs after the pump but before the injection valve. Both scenarios will help avoid chromatographic errors if the HPLC system incorporates an efficient, in-line vacuum degasser for the mobile phase mixture and its components.

What Features Would Be Beneficial for a
New In-Line Degassing Technology?

Analytical instrument manufacturers should consider:

  • Improving the user experience by integrating the degasser into the HPLC system control software for intelligent control of the vacuum
  • Utilizing bioinert materials that are compatible with a broad range of solvents, supporting a wide range of method applications
  • Lower flow restriction
  • Smaller instrument footprint
  • High performing, efficient solution
  • And many more

IDEX Health & Science Releases a Universal Film Degasser

Our new technology represents a transition from ‘constant vacuum’ to ‘constant performance’, by allowing users to select and control a fixed degassing efficiency for any HPLC system. Learn more about this next-generation degassing technology in this Labmate article by our Principal Scientist, Carl Sims.

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