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Fluidic Component Capabilities: Precision Dispense Pumps

Jun 12, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

achieve instrument reliability with precision dispense pumps

Achieve Instrument Reliability Without Compromising Dispense Precision and Accuracy

We have proven experience in manufacturing highly-precise, motorized piston pumps for the diagnostic industry. Backed by rigorous testing, IDEX Health & Science pumps enable you to achieve higher instrument reliability with less downtime for service. With a wide range of customization options, our pumps help you implement sophisticated fluid actuation sequences and de-risk your development efforts.

Precision Dispense Pump Features:

  • Precise fluid actuation ultra-smooth piston precision drive train stepper motor drive
  • Ultra-smooth piston
  • Precision drive train
  • Stepper motor drive
  • Handle high-saline and detergent-containing fluids without extra complexity or downtime
  • Abrasion and chemically resistant sealing technology
  • No seal wash needed position and motion feedback manifold integration
  • Position and motion feedback
  • Manifold integration
  • Custom port locations
  • Valve integration

Learn how we can direct fluid across many applications with our components including manifolds, valves, degassers, tubing, and more.

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