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Fluid Management for Liquid Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry

Aug 19, 2019 by IDEX Health & Science

Life Science instrument designers face many challenges when incorporating a fluid delivery system into an instrument. Many instruments on the market use a single positive displacement dispense pump because they are compact and easy to integrate. These systems force designers to make multiple compromises because pump displacement volume, pressure handling, flow rate, and flow duration are all interrelated.

First, they must choose between flow rate and flow duration. Single pump systems by nature do not offer unlimited flow duration. Second, an instrument designer must choose between pressure handling capability and pump displacement volume. Larger displacement pumps can dispense for a longer time, but their pressure handling decreases as piston diameter increases.

How can you achieve accurate, stable flow rates with unlimited flow in your liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments?

IDEX Health & Science has a long history in developing custom solutions that provide continuous flow with a simple control interface which we call, continuous flow technology.

This technology incorporates two pumps that dispense one at a time with the hand-off coordinated by closed loop control. By integrating our continuous flow technology into an instrument, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry professionals can ensure all fluidic functions are controlled by the instrument user interface. This increases automation and reduces tedious manual steps for the end users. Achieving the ideal fluid delivery system is possible with IDEX Health & Science continuous flow technology.

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