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How can you improve complicated flow paths?

Jul 1, 2019 by IDEX Health & Science

Fluidic applications with multiplexed reagents tend to result in complicated system designs and manufacturing. If each flow path is not carefully developed, your system will be vulnerable to leaking or kinks, and can trigger a myriad of obstacles such as increased system-volume, excess heat generation, and inaccurate results.

There’s a way to eliminate complexity and expedite your development timelines by controlling multiple fluidic paths in a single subsystem.

Our Rotary Shear Valves — or RSVs — are mounted directly on a custom-designed manifold to create a compact design that eliminates tubing bundles, banks of solenoid valves, and redundant fluid pathways, to deliver powerfully reliable outcomes.

A single RSV can control over 20 reagent lines. It is constructed with bio-tolerant polymers that prevent interaction with your samples and ensure reproducibility. When precise fluid control and transfer is imperative, streamline your design with a Manifold-Mounted RSV from IDEX Health & Science.

Learn more about Manifold-Mounted Rotary Shear Valves in this video or contact us to get a custom optofluidics quote for your next project.