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De-Risk Your Proteomics Workflow with IDEX Health & Science

Sep 18, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

Are you an instrument developer looking to pivot from next-generation sequencing to protein based detection with Proteomics?

Proteomics provides a better understanding of protein-drug interactions, which helps researchers identify clinical trials that lead to new drug development and treatments that target specific diseases such as cancer.

We know that Proteomics is the fastest-growing segment of Multiomics and is the focus of a new class of life sciences applications. Companies looking to enter the Proteomics space need a competitive advantage. By partnering with IDEX Health & Science to design and develop the instrument platform specific to your application needs, you will gain the advantage you need to go to market faster with less risk.

We have extensive optofluidic experience and expertise in next-generation sequencing, genomics, and spatial biology along with a team of engineering and manufacturing experts to help you build your proteomics workflow.

Our Expertise in Developing Proteomics Workflow

  • Our unique optofluidic expertise is supported by a world-class product development process that enables reliable, repeatable, high-volume manufacturing, and ultimately the successful launch of your instrument.
  • Our in-house capabilities deliver turn-key fluidic, microfluidic, illumination, and optomechanical imaging solutions.
  • We are experts in solving for complex sample types and size requirements.
  • We know how to precisely image fluorescently labeled DNA, RNA, and proteins on flow cells, tissues, and individual cells at high resolution and high throughput.
  • We optimize your cost and performance because we control and develop all the key technologies and can help you through the most difficult problems every step of the way.

The time to partner on your proteomics application is now. The possibilities are limitless, and the investment will help improve lives around the globe.

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