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Build a Proteomics Optofluidic System with Ease

Sep 18, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

Are you looking to develop a workflow for use with Proteomics applications, but not sure how to proceed? Don’t waste time tweaking a system built with off-the-shelf components not designed to meet your specific needs.

Skip the guesswork, save time, and eliminate frustration by partnering with IDEX Health & Science. We are experts in developing entire turn-key optofluidic subsystems—no tweaking required. We will take you to market faster with less risk.

Our Optical Systems Capabilities

  • Multi-wavelength, high power, flat-top illumination shaped and matched to your sample and camera for maximum photon budget and throughput.
  • Customized high NA, diffraction-limited objective, and tube lens for large field of view high throughput imaging at high resolution.
  • High-performance Semrock brand filters for multi-color imaging with best sensitivity and spectral purity.
  • Camera selection for your application to maximize resolution by matching pixel size to diffraction-limited imaging optics.
  • Opto-mechanical integration with design for manufacturability, performance, and cost.

Our Fluidic Systems Capabilities

  • Develop sophisticated sample and reagent processing subsystems, including the manipulation of small samples, magnetic bead concentration, and inline processing methods.
  • Adapt your fluidic systems for upstream sample prep prior to analysis, allowing clean-up, addition of reagents, and reaction steps to precision workflows.
  • Focus on minimization of sample loss, accidental dilution, and carryover in demanding applications.
  • Predictably put your samples where you want them in the workflow, when you need them there, and for as long as you require.

You can’t afford to waste time guessing and tweaking your instruments. The time to partner with IDEX Health & Science on your Proteomics application is now. Partnering with us to design and develop an instrument workflow specific to your application will give you the advantage you need to go to market faster with less risk.

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