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The Bioprocessing Summit Review

Aug 26, 2021 by IDEX Health & Science

“IDEX Health & Science has been an OEM supplier to the life science industry for a long time and we saw a market need in bioprocessing for a real-time solution for igG titer.” says Max Geiger, our Associate Product Solutions Manager in a Cambridge Healthtech interview at the Bioprocessing Summit.

Our team researched this market need and developed our NEW protein analyzer, Tridex™.

This summit provided us with an opportunity to demonstrate how Tridex is compact and easy-to-use. Tridex requires only two consumable parts, the reagent pack and the analysis module which decreases instrument size from a typical HPLC system. To minimize the need for development or specialized training, Tridex has been designed to perform a proprietary trap-and-elute technique that quantifies the amount of IgG in a cell-free sample. This simple approach delivers fast and accurate results every time. Discover other key benefits of Tridex.

The Bioprocessing Summit convenes more than 1,500 international bioprocess professionals to share practical solutions for today’s bioprocess challenges. Now in its eleventh year, the event has grown to include 16 distinct meetings with week long programming on upstream and downstream processing, analytical development and quality, formulation and stability, cell and gene therapy production, and manufacturing. Along with the impressive array of conferences, the Summit also includes short courses and training seminars that provide in-depth coverage of critical bioprocess topics.