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    Trapped Light in Anisotropic Cavities Could Lead to Optoelectronic Advancements

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    A research collaboration from Poland, the United Kingdom, and Russia has created a two-dimensional system in which they trapped photons. The system, a thin optical cavity filled with liquid crystal, was modified with an external voltage that caused the photons to behave like massive quasiparticles endowed with a magnetic moment, called “spin,” under the influence of an artificial magnetic field.
    The scheme of the experiment: circular polarization of light (marked in red and blue) transmitted through a cavity filled with liquid crystal depending on the direction of propagation. Courtesy of M. Krol, University of Warsaw Physics.
    The researchers filled the cavity with a liquid crystal material that acted as an optical…

    Nov, 14 2019 |

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