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    Simpler and Faster Microscopy Enables Broad Biomedical Applications

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    A research team led by Lihong Wang of the California Institute of Technology has developed a two-dimensional multifocal optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy (MFOR-PAM) system using a 2D microlens array for optical excitation, and an acoustic ergodic relay to simultaneously detect the photoacoustic (PA) responses to the multifocal optical illuminations with a single element ultrasonic transducer. The system, referred to as multifocal optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy through an ergodic relay (MFOR-PAMER), can shorten the scanning time by at least 400× compared to conventional OR-PAM systems at the same imaging resolution, while maintaining a simple and economic setup.
    (a) AR-PAMER image. (b) MFOR-PAMER image. AR,…

    Aug, 20 2020 |

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