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    Self-Heating in OLEDs Can Cause Decrease in Luminance

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    When LEDs and transistors are connected in parallel, even slight differences in resistance can lead to imbalanced current flow. If the devices heat up, this can lead to even greater imbalances.

    This is especially true for OLEDs. A large-area OLED lighting panel is essentially a parallel connection composed of many individual OLEDs, and as a result, the panel can show nonhomogeneous light emission if it heats up. A saturation of brightness can occur even though the total applied current is increased continuously.

    Proof of switched-back regions by detecting luminance changes in OLEDs: The bottom line of the figure presents the top-view sketches onto an OLED pixel at three different exemplary stages of total applied current. The…

    Jan, 16 2020 |

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