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    Scientists Discover Process That Enables Low-Power Nanolasers in 2D Semi-Materials

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Scientists at Arizona State University (ASU) have identified the process in physics that enables nanolasers to be created using 2D materials. This led them to the discovery of a mechanism for providing optical gain in 2D materials at much lower density levels than traditional semiconductors. The research could provide an alternative to conventional semiconductors and could be game-changing for energy-efficient photonic devices.

    In 2017, professor Cun-Zheng Ning and his collaborators at Tsinghua University produced experimental results showing that lasers could be produced in 2D materials as thin as a single layer of molecules. While other researchers had developed these lasers at cryogenic temperatures, Ning’s team produced…

    Jun, 04 2020 |

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