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    Photosensitizer Design Absorbs Low-Energy Light, Transfers Energy Efficiently

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researchers at Hokkaido University, working with colleagues in Japan to develop a photosensitizer design that could use low-energy light effectively, developed a design that made the rare earth element europium (Eu) shine five times more brightly than any previous design. Their discovery could lead to more efficient photosensitizers with a wide variety of applications.

    Photosensitizers are molecules that become excited when they absorb light. They then transfer this excited energy to another molecule. They are used in photochemical reactions, energy conversion systems, and photodynamic therapy, which uses light to kill some early-stage cancers.

    The europium Eu(III) complex with nanocarbon antenna emitting fine red light….

    Jan, 23 2020 |

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