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    Optoelectronic Superstructure Could Be Applied in Neuromorphic Computing

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    University of Central Florida (UCF) researchers have taken a step toward developing neuromorphic computers — computers that mimic neurobiological architectures present in the human nervous system — by demonstrating how to create a nanoscale device that can mimic the neural pathways of brain cells used for human vision. “Our group created a single device that mimics the eye and the brain function together,” professor Tania Roy said. “Our device can observe the image and recognize it on the spot.”

    The researchers grew perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) directly on 2D, atomic-thick nanomaterial (graphene). They used the graphene-PQD superstructure to develop ultrathin phototransistors and photonic…

    Feb, 20 2020 |

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