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    Optical Moiré Lattices Produce Solitons

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researchers from Jiao Tong University discovered that optical moiré lattices can produce solitons — self-trapped solitary waves — at extremely low power levels. The research establishes potential to explore nonlinear phenomena such as four-wave mixing and second-harmonic generation.

    The research stems from an earlier discovery in Fangwei Ye’s lab, in which his team discovered a way to stop the spreading of light and localize a laser into a tight spot using moiré lattices. The current work is an extension of the discovery; it excites the light in moiré lattices into self-sustaining soliton pulses. Solitons retain their shape as they propagate over long distances, which makes them important to…

    Oct, 14 2020 |

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