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    New Way of Modulating Color Emissions from Transparent Films Found

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researchers at the Tokyo University of Science have described a method for easily tuning the luminescence of a newly modified light-emitting solid transparent material by modulating its proton concentration through the application of voltage.

    The material was developed in the lab of Makoto Tadokoro. He and his team, including Hajime Kamebuchi of Nihon University and Taiho Yoshioka of Tokyo University of Science, began with a transparent polymeric film called Nafion. Nafion films are well-known proton conductors (materials in which electricity is conducted via the movement of protons) and cation exchangers (materials that readily attract positively charged particles).

    Another property of Nafion that proved useful is its…

    Sep, 04 2020 |

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