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    New Rules Reveal How an Object’s Scale Affects Its Interaction with Light

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Princeton researchers have uncovered rules pertaining to how objects absorb and emit light. Their discovery addresses how the scale of an object affects the way it interacts with light. The new rules will tell scientists how much infrared (IR) light an object of any scale can be expected to absorb or emit.

    The movement of light through ordinary-size objects can be described in terms of straight lines, or rays. However, in microscopic objects, properties in the lightwave override the effect of ray optics. Some materials, when observed at the micron scale, have shown IR light radiating at millions of times more energy-per-unit-area than would be possible if ray optics were in effect.

    “The kinds of effects [that] you get for…

    Jan, 14 2020 |

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