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    New Images Demonstrate the Presence of Photon Entanglement

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Scientists at the University of Glasgow have photographed quantum entanglement, capturing for the first time visible evidence of the phenomenon described by Einstein as “’spooky action at a distance.” The image pictures a form of entanglement called Bell entanglement. Although Bell entanglement is being used today to develop quantum computing and cryptography applications, it has never been captured in a single photo.

    Physicists took a photograph of quantum entanglement. Courtesy of the University of Glasgow/CC by 4.0.
    To prepare the image, the researchers used a crystal pumped by an ultraviolet laser as a source of entangled photon pairs. The two photons were separated on a beamsplitter.

    The researchers set up a…

    Jul, 18 2019 |

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