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    Moth Flight Patterns Help Drones Navigate Complex Environments

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researchers from Boston University (BU) have captured data from moth flight patterns to improve drone navigation through complex environments.

    To understand how moths plan their route, the researchers, led by Ioannis Paschadilidis at BU and Thomas Daniel at the University of Washington, mounted eight hawk moths (Mantuca sexta) on metal rods connected to a torque meter. In front of each moth they projected a moving forest scene created from beams of light for the moths to navigate.
    An image of the experimental setup showing a moth attached to a metal rod in front of the virtual forest scene. Courtesy of Thomas Daniel lab, University of Washington.
    The researchers found that the moths mainly rely on the pattern created by the…

    Jan, 10 2020 |

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