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    Molecular Qualities Captured with Plasmons

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Specific properties of small amounts of molecules can now be isolated with the use of graphene-metal film structures, thanks to the work of scientists in Russia and Spain.

    Their work focuses on a plasmon, which is an electron oscillation that is coupled with an electromagnetic wave. By focusing these plasmons, they are converted into those with shorter wavelengths, called acoustic plasmons.
    Probing the vibrational fingerprint of a molecule with a nanofocused acoustic graphene plasmon polariton. Courtesy of Kirill Voronin.
    In typical spectroscopic experiments, a sample is lit up with a wave of different frequencies, with the reflected light caught by a detector. But when studying small amounts of molecules, the light wavelength…

    Jul, 09 2020 |

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